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Stellar Storage Sheds

When you visit Garden Traditions, Inc. in Chesterfield, VA, we provide a range of options for quality storage buildings to elevate the value of your property. We offer various styles, sizes, and colors to complement your property vision.

We are happy to help individuals in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas discover the advantages of a custom storage shed. Our team will walk you through our selection of quality-built structures. Don’t forget to bring your measurements, and we’ll help you plan your purchase right through to delivery and set up.

Style Options


The A-Frame shed is much like a Cape Cod shed but with a lower roofline. It offers great storage at a great price!
(5/12 Roof Pitch)

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod gives you extra ceiling height for extra storage.
(7/12 Roof Pitch)


The classic shed offers great styling and design options with the steepest roof pitch of all the peak styles.
(9/12 Roof Pitch)

Villa (Hip Roof)

The Villa shed features a hip roof style built on the same foundation as the Cape Cod.
(7/12 Roof Pitch)


The Quaker is the only shed that offers an overhang and is a great addition to any pool in the backyard.
(7/12 Roof Pitch with offset roof design)
Front Wall: 84″
Back Wall: 72″

Dutch Barn

The Dutch Barn offers the most headroom in any shed that we provide. Consider adding a loft to maximize the storage room inside.


This unique shed offers a loft that is built to the length of the shed you desire. The front of the shed has an average wall height, and the back wall is 8′ for taller storage.


A well-built garage-style door provides opportunities to store lawn mowers and other large yard equipment. Let us take care of your needs.

In any style shed, you can add the New England Deluxe Trim package. This package adds a composite-wood trim that gives it an authentic wood-looking texture and is resistant to rot.

Shed Accessories & Extras

Here are some accessories you can add to your new shed:
  • Add larger windows from the standard size of 18″x27″ to a 24″x36″ or a 30″x36″ window.
  • Add style to your fiberglass doors with a 4 lite,6 lite,9 lite or 11 lite glass insert.
  • We have composite flower boxes that come in many colors and sizes.
  • Wanting additional vents to let heat escape on those hot summer days… add a ridge vent or a cupola to your roofline design. Cupolas can have weathervanes added, i.e. eagle, carriage horse and rooster.
  • Looking for more space inside? add a workbench for tools or a loft for extra overhead space.
  • Need a heavy duty floor? add floor joist spacing from the standard 16″o.c. to 12″o.c. or 8″o.c. and pressure treated floor(3/4″) or double treated floor.

Standard on our Sheds

  • Choice of architectural shingles
  • 1/2″ plywood roof sheathing
  • Top-quality 2×4 rafters(16″ O.C.)
  • Double 2×4 top plates
  • Quality and straight 2×4 wall construction(16″ O.C.)
  • Pressure-treated floor joists
  • Pressure-treated 4×4 foundation runners
  • 5/8″ plywood flooring that is nailed down.. not stapled down
  • 2 Top quality windows(18″x27″) on each shed
  • 5/8″ Duratemp siding on all wood sheds
  • 1/2″ plywood under all vinyl siding
  • Choice of many attractive vinyl color options
  • Choice of many popular wood exterior colors
  • Heavy-duty double doors( up to a 6′ opening) on all wood sheds
  • 6 Panel fiberglass double doors( up to a 6′ opening) on all vinyl sheds
  • All our sheds have plywood in the construction of the shed (no OSB or particleboard)
  • Free delivery, block, and leveling of the shed up to 40 miles

Structure Options

Wood Storage Sheds

Wood buildings are available in the following styles:

  • A-Frame
  • Cape Cod 
  • Quaker Buildings
  • Colonial Dutch Barns
  • Classic
  • Monterey
  • Hip

Vinyl Storage Sheds

Vinyl storage buildings are available in the following styles:

  • A-Frame
  • Cape Cod 
  • Quaker Buildings
  • Colonial Dutch Barns
  • Classic
  • Monterey
  • Hip

Garage Storage Sheds

Garages and storage buildings in wood or vinyl are available in the following styles:

  • A-Frame Garage
  • Cape Cod Garage
  • Classic
  • Colonial Dutch Barns

Let’s put your storage building together! Contact us at 804-743-9522 to learn more.

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